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 Panzdahe Khordad Educational Hospital is capable of performing the following surgical operations: 

  • Male Skull & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Female Skull & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Female Plastic Surgery
  • Pediatrics Skull & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Pediatrics Plastic Surgery
  • Male Hand & Microscopy Surgery
  • Female Esthetic Surgery
  • Acute Burn Surgery 

 In 1995, following the transfer of the Seb- Specialty Department of Plastic Surgery of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences from Massih Daneshvari Educational Hospital to Panzdahe Khordad Hospital, the hospital converted into the unique sub- specialty hospital, and began its mission by  rendering services in plastic surgery (including skull & maxillofacial, hand & microscopy, esthetics, burn, and general plastic surgeries).

The two outstanding effective figures in forming and empowering the sub- specialty department at Panzdahe Khordad Educational Hospital were Professors Sayed Jamal Sadat Gousheh, and Parviz Mafi. The hospital is currently benefiting from the experiences and skills of 10 sub- specialist surgeons all with fellowships, and 14 sub- specialist assistants all with fellowships in different fields of plastic surgery. 

At present, the clinics are actively receiving patients in all workdays from 08:00-15:00 in all the above mentioned specialties. The hospital is performing special and complex operations, and an average of 700-850 patients are operated every month. Such operations are among the rare and absolutely complex ones of their own.

Owning a constant educational ground, an e-library, an equipped audio-visual center, an animal laboratory, and publishing articles at international levels, the hospital is seeking its real position internationally.

Among the main objectives to reach by Panzdahe Khordad Educational Hospital’s faculty and assistants is the National Comprehensive Outlook, as well as the supervision of the 20-Year National Outlook which mandate achieving the first place in the region and an outstanding position at international level.

The hospital is presently not only a unique center at the national level, but an important one in the region, and a referral center in Iran.

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